Mid Rivers follows a biblical leadership model for the local church. We believe this model of plurality of leadership is the best method of leadership for effective congregational care. This model is comprised of both elders and deacons.

Elders are responsible for overseeing and caring for the congregation. They serve as men who will ultimately give an account to Christ for the care of His people. Their work is primarily concerned with spiritual matters.

Because of the serious nature of the responsibility entrusted to them, they are dedicated to studying God’s Word and to prayer. Elders strive to lead and mature the congregation according to God’s revealed will in His Word. They strive to protect the congregation’s unity as well as the membership’s faithfulness. Elders lead the congregation through overseeing and working with ministry staff to accomplish the purpose of the church. The staff works with and under the authority of the elders. Elders must be men of proven character according to the Scriptures (I Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9).

Deacons, under the direction of the elders, assist the elders in caring for the congregation. They are responsible for ministering to the physical needs of the membership. They relieve suffering. They comfort, protect and encourage members by helping to meet their needs. In contemporary language, they are the congregation’s social workers.

Caring for the physical needs of God’s household is essential business for authentic Christianity. Deacons have the honor of modeling, for the local church and a lost world, God’s compassion, kindness, mercy and love. When the local church compassionately cares for its members’ needs, the world sees a genuine display of Christ’s love. Like elders, they must meet qualifications according to the Scriptures (I Timothy 3:8-13).