We believe the quality of a person’s worship experience is related to the level of his or her participation. When you come to worship at Mid Rivers, you will have several opportunities to participate. Feel free to take advantage of any and all of these opportunities. If you decide not to, that’s okay. You will not be pressured to do so.

Congregational Singing. 
God’s Word says that He “inhabits the praise of his people.” At worship you will have the opportunity to join others in singing songs of praise and adoration to God. It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing voice or not. What matters is that your singing is a true expression of your heart.

God expects us to pray. Furthermore, the Lord’s model prayer reveals that God expects us to pray together:  “Our Father,” “Forgive us,” “Lead us.” You will have the opportunity to join your hearts with others as someone leads the congregation in prayer, as well as during the worship service to personally lift up your requests to God.

Studying God’s Word.  
We dedicate a portion of our time in worship in order to receive a message from God’s Word. Take advantage of this study time by bringing your Bible to worship. You can prepare for the next week’s message by doing the Daily Devotions included in the current weekly worship bulletin. In addition, occasionally there will be Challenges related to the message that will afford you a simple way to implement biblical truth into your life.

During the worship service, you will have an opportunity to give to God. Your gift is an expression of your trust and reliance on God. You should never feel obligated to give.  Instead, your gift should be given freely with a thankful heart. This “offering” is an act of worship.

Jesus asked his followers to remember him by taking communion. Each worship service we set aside time to do so. We invite all followers of Jesus Christ to remember him by partaking communion as a congregation. Communion trays will be passed through the congregation. The bread represents Jesus’ body given for us and the juice represents his shed blood for the forgiveness of our sins.

At the end of the message, we reserve a time in our service for a response. If you desire to become a Christian, become a member of Mid Rivers, or receive prayer and encouragement, feel free to go to the Response Room located at the back of the auditorium. There will be Response Guides to assist you with any decision or concern you may have.