There are many ways you can give at Mid Rivers. Take a moment to consider your participation in the following:


Text “GIVE” to 660-209-2726


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Drop in the offering basket during service

Gifts in Kind.
Such gifts include surplus items, houses, apartments, land and vehicles, etc.  Due to the nature of these gifts, they will only be accepted with prior approval of the church.

Gifts of Stock.
Gifts of stock are wise from a tax perspective. When such gifts are given, there are no capital gains paid and the donor receives a tax deduction of the full face amount.

Gifts of Insurance and Retirement Proceeds.
You can name Mid Rivers as the beneficiary of insurance policies or retirement plans.

Gifts in Honor or Memory.
If you would like to give a gift in memory or in honor of someone, please provide the following with the gift:

• Your name and address as the one giving the gift
• The name of the person being honored
• The name of the family or person to receive the notification of the honorarium or memorial gift. A card will be sent to the family informing them of the gift. A receipt will be sent to you acknowledging your generosity.

Gifts Through Wills and Trusts.
Remembering Mid Rivers in your will or trust is a convenient way to leave a lasting legacy. After you have provided for your loved ones, you can set aside a percentage of your estate to be given to Mid Rivers. This can be done at the time you have your will or trust made, or it can be added by an amendment to your existing will.

We strongly encourage regular non-designated giving because it funds Mid Rivers' ministry budget. However, from time to time there are "approved" designated giving opportunities.

If you want to designate to such endeavors, please contact the church office. Please note, designating your gifts to an unapproved endeavor will disqualify your gift from tax-deductibility status with the IRS.


Here are some answers to some of our more frequently asked questions regarding online giving.

If your specific question is not addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

The first time, just text the word "Give" to (660) 209 -2726 and sign up or sign in. After this you can use text giving by texting any of the below options to (660) 209-2726.

1. A number to give that amount. Ex: "100".
2. Add "cover" to cover fees of one transaction. Ex: "100 cover".
3. A number and schedule for automated giving. Ex: "500 Monthly", "100 Bimonthly", "50 Weekly", or "250 Fortnightly".
4. "Cancel Auto" to cancel automated giving.
5. Add "Cover fees on" to cover fees on ALL text gifts.
6. "Cover fees off" to turn off cover fees on all text gifts.
7. "Card" to add a new payment method.
8. "Refund" to refund your last transaction.
9. "Options" to see the initial list of options again.

Note: You can also designate certain emojis to give!

Download the Tithely App for Android or iPhone.

Once you've downloaded and installed the App on your smartphone, create your account by clicking “Create Account”.

Once your account is created you can search for your home church by using the search box located at the top or you can click on the "find nearest church" button if you're near where your church meets.

When you've found your church and are ready to give, just click the “Give Now” button and complete the giving form.

Once you’ve installed the app and set up your account, you can simply open the app on your smartphone, enter your username and password, and click on “Log In”.

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