Mid Rivers Family,

I am looking forward to this Sunday, and I hope you are too! We have a couple of updates for you.

Drive-In Service – This Sunday, October 11th
We will be celebrating & worshipping outdoors. This is to include more of our members & attenders who do not yet feel comfortable coming indoors, to allow additional guests, and to show the community that we are here and that they are welcome at MRCC. We need about 15 to 20 helpers to set-up, park, pass out communion, teardown, etc. If you can help come early to set up about 8:15 AM.

ZOOM Bible Study lead by Bob Williams
Sundays @ 4:30 p.m. – October 18 through November 15
Wednesdays @ 6:30 p.m. – October 21 through November 18
(Same Bible Study – 2 options)
*We need correct emails of participants. If you wish to participate please email the church office at info@midriverscc.org and type in the subject line The Life & Heart of Jesus.
*You will need ZOOM on your computer.

I-SPY SPECTACULAR! Drive through!

Sat. October 31, 2020 at 3:30 P.M.

What we need from you….email me at tgreen@midriverscc.org

1. Prayer for the people to feel God’s love, hope, and blessings through us.

2. Bring CANDY! Bring CANDY! Bring more CANDY!

3. Reserve a parking spot and decorate your cars. Ideas; Favorite sports team, Beach theme, Favorite board game, Favorite Movie, google it!

4. Volunteer to be a parking lot helper. Or you may dress up and social distance while waving to the cars as they pass by.


A. We would like you to decorate your cars. We will provide an item that you can add to your trunk design. (This will be the “I-SPY” item families will look for. It may or may not go with your theme.)

B. When the parents drive through the lot, they will be given a paper with the I-SPY items to look for in your cars.

C. We can utilize the radio station by having Halloween music and any instructions playing.

D. The last aisle of the parking lot will be decorated as the Finish Line where the candy will be handed out in a big baggie. (Safety protocols will be used to bag the candy, gloves and masks worn while preparing it.)

Thanks so much! Tammy Green