Mid Rivers is a contemporary, non-denominational community of believers in Jesus Christ. We strive to be a community that honors God in all we do. We strive to do this by being a community of authentic followers of Jesus Christ.

We do not believe we are the only Christians, but we do seek to be Christians only.  Members of Mid Rivers come from a variety of backgrounds; however, we seek to be one. We strive to find our unity of faith and practice based on God’s revealed will found in the Bible.

In all matters of faith and practice, the Bible is the final authority. In matters where the Bible is silent, each person must seek God’s will for his or her life. This must always be done so in love, without judging other believers. In such matters we must all realize that each of us is responsible to God and strive to maintain the unity described in the Bible.

Mid Rivers is ultimately under the authority of Jesus Christ, who is leader over all his followers and church. In accordance with Scripture, our local congregation is overseen by Elders who are assisted by Deacons.  The Staff advances the ministry objectives of the church and is accountable to the Elders.  We are not governed by any other human entity or authority.